Android App Development

Android is a software package and Linux based open-source Operating System (OS) developed and maintained by Google. Primarily developed to operate mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, it was originally intended as a digital camera OS. Starting from Android 1.0 (Base) to the present version Android 9.0 (Pie), it has come a long way. Thanks to Google that has been working on it with rapid growth with the development of Android TV for televisions, Android Auto for cars, Wear OS for wrist watches and Android Things for IoT devices.

Android Application Development

In the same fashion, Android App Development is the process in which an Android application is developed. The Prime Programming language which is used in this development process is Java or the newly adopted Kotlin which is a first-class language supported and promoted by Google.

Some developers opt for the use of an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) where Android apps can be written simply in a text editor as long as the required compiler is used. The most commonly used IDE is Android Studio because of its advanced code completion, project navigation, utilities, and inbuilt Gradle system. The Android SDK tools compile the code along with data and resource files into an APK (Android Package), which is a file suffixed with .apk.

Indeed, it’s all because of its intricacies, Android app development is regarded as a specialist subject and requires expert android developers, which we have here at Pinakisoft.

Benefits of Selecting Android App Development for future

The Android Operating System runs on more than 95% of the smartphones in India. The worldwide figures are even higher with 99% which reflects the economic state of  Android. You may not know but there are loads of advantages of selecting an Android platform for application development which we’ll be discussing here.

Now that you know Android app is a good deal, it’s time to outline major advantages of Android app development. Here are some remarkable benefits of selecting android app development rather than other platforms.

1. Endless Android Users

As mentioned above, there is an enormous number of people using android, not just on smartphones but other devices too like TV, Cars, watches and many wearables, etc. Hence, with an increase in the number of users, comes limitless opportunities for business owners to imply a bigger landscape and expand the business. According to a recent survey by Statista, Android, being the leader, holds 80% of the market share. Moreover, with 2 billion monthly active Android Devices, this operating system is no way taking a backset any sooner.

Apart from this, Android enables you to offer the cut-throat competition over the businesses relying on the website in the era of smartphones.

2. Open Source

Android is an open-source mobile operating system that gives its developers the liberty to use the source code and develop vigorous & streamlined applications. To add on, Google offers the entire range of development tools and technologies without any charges. To start with the development process you just need to download Android SDK which is free.

3. High RoI Despite Low Investments

As mentioned in the above point, Android SDK is free, therefore, companies can significantly reduce the cost of the entire project with android development. On the other hand, publishing Android apps on the Google Play store is easy and demands only a small amount as a registration fee. Later on, you can set the pricing and distribution details according to your requirements.

Now the question is how to make money from play store apps? Well, the Play Store lets developers gain profits in the following ways.

  • By letting them charge a fixed price for the app usage.
  • By placing ads in the app.
  • In-app purchases like product selling, coins, premium tools, etc.

Numerous other app markets let developers publish their apps for free such as Opera Mobile Store, CNET, Softonic, Mobile9, etc.

4. Easy Integration

Android allows its developers to customize the platform according to their needs and requirements. This, in turn, makes it easier for other developers to understand its functions, making the business processes simpler and easier to integrate with Android.

Whether the client wants to go for the integrated web application or complex customization levels, Android Application Development offers the best solutions for all.

5. Multiple Sales Channel

You can easily deploy android Apps over the Google Play Store or across multiple platforms that make your business independent of a single marketplace. Thus, you can easily sell your Android applications via third-party websites or even your own.

6. Wide Variety of Hardware

IT Market is flooded with a vast variety of Devices and Gadgets using Android. Thus, Android developers can leverage rich-features and functionalities to deliver the best android applications. Additionally, they have the liberty to build generalized software, which gives a great advantage to various businesses in different sectors.

7. Adaptable User Interface

Applications that are built on Android are highly customizable and adaptive. Android applications mostly run on Java (a scripting language), which is being widely used by the programmers. So, Android development can be adopted widely and easily. Also, there are several customization options available for developers that allow them to deliver efficient apps to android users.

Are you looking for Best Custom Android App Development Services in India?

Pinakisoft IT Services Pvt. Ltd. is the right choice! 

Android App Development is trending incredibly in today’s digital era. Android’s scalability has generated definitive benefits for many organizations with a better ROI and improved reach. At present, Android App is the power of thousands of online shopping portals on the digital platform.

Well, there is an infinite number of android devices in the world. Android is the future and every next human owns one. In combination with web usability, android applications are getting tremendously popular and serving millions, helping them rise in their field. As a result, Android Application Development is in a great boom. If you own a business, with a well-developed app, your business can skyrocket. Similarly, the key to making a great Android app is to find programmers with both technical and artistic skills.

Need some help to install, maintain or develop an Android App for your business?

Pinakisoft IT Services Pvt Ltd. is here to help! We have a team of reliable programmers with vast experience. Our Android App programmers focus on building user-friendly, interactive web applications that deliver an omnichannel experience. Therefore, whether it is about building a new app or porting your existing apps, we can help in every possible manner. We have helped many small and large businesses in developing Android Applications. We offer a comprehensive range of custom Android app development services to boost client-businesses with advanced technology & optimal cost that help them accomplish their goals.

Here are some advantages of choosing Pinakisoft for Android App Development in India over others:

  • Customer Interactions: Prepare flexible communication models
  • Great Reviews: We have a high (5/5) rating for Android app development given by our clients.
  • Experience: We are a team of professionally trained developers with an average experience of 5 years.
  • Strong Expertise: We are strongly competent and have a robust technique
  • Customer Support: Seamless assistance through Email, Phone, Chat, and Skype
  • Happy Clients: We offer a 100 % Client satisfaction guarantee

We offer Best Android App Development Services in India

We are Android Platform Developers in India with our Head Office in Sundernagar, Himachal Pradesh. We are well capable of providing a full range of Android app development services that are a perfect match for the client’s demands.

Our Android App development team and Android App customization service make sure that each part of every single portal is worked upon excellently and all the blocks and attributes function properly as a whole.

We use proven techniques and strategies that allow us to extend and scale android applications quickly. With our exclusive testing practices, we offer fully functional bug-proof apps to our clients that get periodically updated to the latest version.

Android App Development Service provided by Pinakisoft is not a single service but a complete package of services that include:

Android Consulting and Customer Support
Android App UX/UI Designing
Custom Application Development
Web Based Application Development
Android Application Development
Application Optimization and Maintenance
Android Application Porting
Android Wearable App Development
Android App A/B Test Automation
Android Application Modernization

Android App Development Company in Himachal Pradesh, India

Are you looking for the best Android App development company providing expert Android App Development Service in India? 

Pinakisoft is the Best Android App Development Company in Himachal Pradesh that has a team of Android App Experts providing the Best Android App development services in India. Pinakisoft’s team of android application developers have in-depth knowledge and substantial experience in leveraging Software Development Kit (SDK) APIs, Android Native Development Kit (NDK), emulator, and debugging resources. Our developers are highly competent and possess years of experience in developing quality-rich and feature-packed apps across various business verticals including healthcare, travel, education, trade, technology, media, entertainment and many more. Our development team has a vast experience of working on almost all the Android OS variants available in the developed world. 

As an established Android App Development Company in Himachal Pradesh, we offer affordable Android App pricing and effective next-generation solutions for Android App development to our clients making their business a success. We believe that our clients should always get the best possible services, and for that, we are passionately working hard.

Hire Our Android Developers For Customized Android App Development Services

Pinakisoft is at the top in the list of top Android App development companies in Himachal Pradesh. Not just Himachal, but in India as well we are deemed as one of the top Android App development companies. Our offshore Android App design and development services with affordable Android App development cost range have made us popular in the IT sector under several different verticals.

We can boastfully create a variety of custom-tailored Android Apps according to the client’s needs, fulfilling all the requirements. Our Android App experts in India can develop applications with all the functionalities, rendering artistic designs to the apps so that they does not only perform well but look great as well.

As a leading Android app development company we are well efficient in solving different kinds of business problems and help startups & enterprises with Android technologies. Our mobile application development teams work with a strong consideration of conversion rate optimization techniques. We help clients in improving their conversion by developing a user-friendly application with all the latest features and user-friendly functionalities.

Advantage of Choosing Our Android App Development Services

For us, client satisfaction is at the utmost priority and so we provide 24*7 customer support services to all our clients even after delivering the projects. We rank good among top mobile app development companies in India for providing the best  android application development services with:

  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Transparency
  • Round-the-clock support
  • Dedicated developers for each project
  • Engaging Customer Experience 


If you are looking for a android app development agency, Contact us now. Our  Expert Android Platform Developers in Himachal Pradesh, India will help you in making your business a success.

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